Our services include strategy facilitation, requirements documentation, project planning, management and evaluation. Typically, our assignments open with a strategic audit of capabilities and/or requirements, aligned to an organisation's or to a project's mission and objectives. This often involves consultation and workshops with key stakeholders, as well as audience and market research to clarify strategic and business objectives. This work provides the basis for a strategic plan and/or project specification to inform the next stage of requirements and technical specification. Requirements documentation, project and technical specifications enable effective procurement, design and implementation decisions to be made in the development of new digital infrastructure and projects. Sweet Technology works with clients to provide or source the right mix of skills to deliver on the project requirements, including preparing and conducting RFPs and formal tenders and providing overall project management. We ensure that the best available tools and professional services are recruited to the project and can also provide overall project management services throughout the technical build and implementation stages. Throughout, our focus in on achieving the best outcome for our clients and their projects using the right mix of proven and innovative technologies. We strive to build long term relationships with clients to support changing requirements over time. Our approach

Our approach recognises the unique goals and requirements of each client and project. We use a range of structured methodologies to ensure effective alignment of technology investments with organizational mission and goals.

A range of proven process, project and technical methodologies are used by Sweet Technology to scope, plan and implement technical designs, information architectures and digital products. We recognise the importance of standards and professional documentation in delivering effective technological solutions. Most of all, our approach is about assessing the best options for the client and working methodically on an effective, value-for-money outcome.